National Park Service

Petrified Forest National Park
Visitor Center Film

We were honored to create a new visitor center film for Petrified Forest National Park. With the proliferation of aerial photography provided by drone technology, we had the opportunity to create a film that showed the vastness of the park as never before possible. At the request of the National Park Service, we created complete step-by-step flight plans and provided additional commercial pilot certifications to address concerns about keeping the treasured prehistoric sites unblemished. So now visitors will see the park at its broadest perspective as well as seeing what the park has to offer as you walk or drive through the park.

National Park Service

Intermountain Region
Accessibility Brochures

As part of the National Park Service’s mission to make the sites and stories of the parks accessible to everyone, PM Media Services has been creating brochures in large print, audio and Braille formats.  Utilizing classic NPS brochures, we reformatted the key information and images for large print versions. An audio version of the brochure is created, adding descriptions of the park images.  Braille versions of the large print brochure are also created using a layout based on standard Braille formatting, including creating tactile maps. Working with each park and the NPS team, we have been instrumental in streamlining a process that will become the standard for all NPS sites across the country.

Bureau of Reclamation

Centennial Website

As part of Arizona's centennial celebration, the Bureau of Reclamation worked with us to create a website to illustrate over a century of cooperation between Reclamation and the state of Arizona - for the benefit of the residents of its cities, farms, and tribal lands.  Through the use of a variety of historical sources, the site chronicles that partnership decade by decade.