National Park Service

Zion National Park
Visitor Center

Zion National Park has become one of the most popular sites in the National Park System. This growth in visitors required a complete redesign of the interior of the visitor center to help better guide visitors on their exploration of the park.  Partnering with Studio Tectonic and Acme Scenic and Display, our team worked with NPS rangers and park planners to help bring together imagery and messaging to help visitors get a better sense of place, directions and experience.  Our team is currently bringing these same talents together to help Zion create a new Nature Center experience that will be available during the summer months at the park, allowing for all visitors, young and not so young, to learn more about this unique and ever-changing ecosystem.

National Park Service

Yellowstone National Park
Experiencing Yellowstone - Visitor Center Film

America’s first national park, indeed the world’s first national park…Yellowstone. So much to see and do, a lifetime can be spent there. We produced a new film for the National Park Service that gives just a bit of the flavor of Yellowstone: its wildlife, its geysers, mud pots and waterfalls, its history, both geologically and as a park. Because of the diversity of its visitors, we created open captions in six languages and produced an additional video that highlights acting safely around its wildlife: Don’t get too close!

Film Audio & Video Transfer

Repurposing and Archiving
Preserve Your History

Sometimes it’s nice to be analog in this digital age. We are proud to announce that we are now able to transfer 16mm and 35mm film to High Definition and 4K resolution. In 1992, PM Media Services began as a film and audio company. Because of this heritage, we were compelled to offer a way to re-purpose, re-use and simply preserve media assets from the past. We have the expertise and experience to handle motion picture, videotape and audio tape. We are members of the Association of Moving Image Archivists and truly love working to preserve media assets before they are unusable.